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LandCover6k people

LandCover6k (LC) and LandUse6k (LU) coordinated its work and products within two groups, a coordinating group and a core group.

The latter group ensured a regular dialogue between the coordinating group and other PAGES and external groups.

Coordinating group

Marie-Jose Gaillard (main coordinator; mailing list administrator)
Kathy Morrison (LU coordinator)
Marco Madella (LU coordinator)
Nicki Whitehouse (LU coordinator)
Sandy Harrison (Co-design with PMIP)
Emily Hammer (LU global database)
Marc Vander Linden (LU global database)
Stefania Merlo (LU Africa)
ECR Jennifer Bates (LU Southern Asia)
ECR Austin “Chad” Hill (LU Global Per-Capita Land Use Estimates)
ECR Andria Dawson (LC N America-Canada)
ECR Esther Githumbi (LC- Europe-Africa)
ECR Furong Li (LC China)

Coordinating group (CG) of LandCover6k second phase (in bold: new members since August 2018):
MJ Gaillard, K Morrison, M Madella, and NJ Whitehouse (coordinators of LandCover6k first phase) with the addition of Sandy Harrison (University of Raeding, UK) for co-design with the climate modelling community (in particular the PMIP PAGES group and CMIP), Stefania Merlo (coordinator of LU Africa), Emily Hammer (overall manager of the land-use global database), Marc Vander Linden (co-manager of land-use data and database) and five ECRs, Jennifer Bates (global land use), Austin “Chad” Hill (since 2020, global land use), Andria Dawson (land cover, N America-Canada), Esther Githumbi (land cover Africa and Europe), and Furong Li (land cover, China).

Since approximately 2019, several collaborators within LandCover6k have been invited to the CG meetings, Beni Stocker (carbon budget modelling), Dan Lawrence and Lynn Welton (land use Middle East), as well as the core group members (Jed Kaplan and Kees Klein Goldewijk, ALCC KK and HYDE; Erle Ellis, Global Land Programme; Victor Brovkin (climate modelling) and Anne Dallmeyer (vegetation modelling), Hamburg Max Plank Institute; Boris Vannière, Charcoal Association and PAGES SSC).

PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) representative

Esther Githumbi (Linnaeus University, Sweden)

PAGES SSC liaison

Keely Mills (British Geological Survey)

Core group

Anne Dallmeyer (dynamic vegetation modeling)
Victor Brovkin (climate modeling)
Boris Vannière (PAGES SSC; Charcoal Association)
Erle Ellis (Global Land Programme)
Kees Klein-Goldewijk (HYDE)
Jed O. Kaplan (ALCC KK)


LandCover6k consisted of five activities:

- Pollen-based land-cover reconstructions (Land Cover, LC).
Coordinator: Marie-Jose GaillardFurong LiEsther Githumbi and Andria Dawson

- Archaeology/History land-use reconstructions (Land Use, LU).
Coordinators: Kathy MorrisonMarco MadellaNicki Whitehouse, Emily Hammer, Oliver Boles, Marc Vander Linden and Eduardo Kazuo Tamanaha.

- Anthropogenic Land-Cover Change (ALCC, HYDE-KK) modeling.
Coordinators: Kees Klein-GoldewijkJed O. Kaplan.

- Co-design of climate model experiments with the PMIP Community (Clim).
Coordinators: Sandy HarrisonECR Kamolphat Atsawawaranunt.

- Relative pollen productivities - methods and synthese (RPP).
Coordinator: M. Jane Bunting, ECR Yiman Fung.

The five activities consisted of well-defined work packages (WPs). Read more about the WPS and their coordinators here.