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SynTraCE-21 scientific goals


The overarching goals of SynTraCE-21 and the associated workshop series were:

1. To facilitate an international effort at a comprehensive synthesis of proxy climate records in order to better describe the major features of global climate evolution of the last 21 kyr.

2. To conduct data comparison to transient model simulations.


The following two specific objectives were established to achieve these goals:

1. Identify and synthesize the relevant paleoclimate data which will constrain the major features of the climate evolution over the last 21 kyr, including meltwater forcing, the surface and deep ocean, the global monsoon system, and terrestrial ecosystems.

2. Compare the full set of transient model output to the global array of time series in the newly developed proxy data base in order to more fully understand the response of the climate system to forcings over the last 21 kyr and the model behavior and limitations.

From this, the working group aimed to develop priorities in both data collection and model development towards more realistic transient simulations in the future.