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Data stewardship scholarship project

OC3 was awarded a Data Stewardship Scholarship in May 2021.

Data steward

Juan Muglia


To establish a novel global database of stable isotope δ13C and δ18O measurements on benthic foraminifera shells from ocean sediment cores with consistent, high-resolution age models, that will allow for easy updates and facilitate uncertainty quantification. In creating this database, a thorough data-quality check will be conducted and metadata will be included. Finally, tools will be created to easily extract information from the database.


Institutional repository of Conicet, Argentina (full dataset)

Zenodo (full dataset)

LinkedEarth (full dataset)

PaleoDataView (full dataset, atlas-like version)

Final products

Other data products

> Global dataset of δ13C water column measurements 

> δ13C model code (works with UVic model version 2.8)

> Poster session from Fall AGU 2015 (.pdf)