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14th International Palynological Congress

Salvador, BA, Brazil
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The 14th International Palynological Congress and 10th International Organisation of Palaeobotany Conference will take place in Salvador, capital of Bahia State, Brazil, from 23-28 October 2016.


Bahia Othon Palace
Salvador, Brazil


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Every four years, the world communities of palaeobotanists and palynologists gather to discuss the latest advances in their researches, and exchange technical and scientific innovations.

In previous occasions, these two scientific groups have come together simultaneously in one gathering in order to amplify the impact and results of the congress. Hence, the meeting of these two communities will take place again.

Program details

Colleagues worldwide have proposed several scientific sessions. The main theme of the congress is "Palaeobotany and Palynology: towards new frontiers".

The meeting is promoted by collective efforts of International Federation of Palynological Societies (IFPS), International Organisation of Palaeobotany (IOS) and Asociación Latinoamericana de Palaeobotánica y Palinología (ALPP).


PAGES-supported session

The session proposed by PAGES' LandCover6k working group for the International Palynological Congress has been accepted.

SS23 – Pollen-based Holocene land-cover reconstructions for climate modeling – PAGES LandCover6k.
Organizers: Marie-José Gaillard, Sonia Fontana, Ralph Fyfe, Konrad Gajewski, Ulrika Herschuh, Anupama Krishnamurthy, Anne-Marie Lézine, Rob Marchant, Jack Williams and Qinghai Xu.


Abstract deadline extended to 22 May 2016.

Abstracts on recent research for this session can be submitted at

Session description

Adequate incorporation of land cover in global and regional climate models is still one of the major priorities in the climate modeling community. The scenarios of past ALCC, e.g. HYDE (Klein Goldewijk et al. 2011), KK (Kaplan et al. 2009) used as descriptions of ALCC in climate modelling, show very large differences (Gaillard et al. 2010).

LandCover6k is a PAGES working group that addresses land-cover change during the last ca. 10000 cal. years across the globe for the purpose of climate modelling studies ( LandCover6k brings together palaeoecologists, historians, archaeologists, and modelers to explore and provide new information about ALCC and create products suitable to study land-use change as one of the human-induced climate forcings.

This session invites contributions on pollen-based reconstructions of past land-cover characteristics useful for climate modeling (in conjunction with archaeological and historical data if available) at the regional to global spatial scales.