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5th PAGES Open Science Meeting

Zaragoza, Z, Spain
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The PAGES Open Science Meeting (OSM) is a PAGES flagship event held every four years. It is a much anticipated fixture on the paleoscience calendar.

In May 2017, the 5th PAGES OSM will take place in Zaragoza, Spain.

Event dates

7-9 May 2017: 3rd PAGES Young Scientists Meeting (YSM), Morillo de Tou
9-13 May 2017: 5th PAGES OSM, Zaragoza
14-16 May 2017: Regional field trips and excursions


To register for the OSM, go to:


1 May: Deadline date for session proposals.
26 July: Registration and abstract submissions open.

9 January (Extended): Deadline for abstract submissions.
9 January (Extended): Application deadline for financial support.
8 February: 1) Decision on acceptance/rejection of abstracts. 2) Decision on poster/oral presentations. 3) Decision on financial support for OSM attendees. Notifications to follow shortly after.
20 February: Deadline for early registration.
20 April: Deadline for registration.


To access the program, go to:


For a full list of sessions, go to:

PAGES working group sessions

i. 2k Network, Session 3: Regional and transregional climate variability over the last 2000 years
ii. Aquatic Transitions, Session 18: Human impact on global aquatic systems
iii. DICE, Session 31: Global Dust Deposition in Past, Present, and Future Climates
iv. Floods Working Group, Session 16: Multidisciplinary reconstruction of paleofloods
v. PALSEA2, Session 10: Ice-sheet and sea-level variability during late-Cenozoic warm periods: PALSEA2
vi. PlioVAR, Session 13: Pliocene climate variability over glacial-interglacial timescales (PlioVAR)
vii. QUIGS, Session 11: Climate of Quaternary Interglacials from observations and model simulations
viii. VICS, Session 8: Volcanic eruptions: the thread connecting climate records, societal change and future climate projections?
ix. Joint initiative from GloSS, LandCover6k and Aquatic Transitions, Session 23: Regional syntheses of human-climate-environment interactions
x. Data Stewardship Integrative Activity, Session 26: Data Stewardship for paleoscience

Endorsed and affiliated group sessions

i. Varves Working Group, Session 20: From early human impacts to the Great Acceleration: A paleoscience perspective on the climate-landscape-human multiple connections; and Session 21: Sediment flux: Past peaks and troughs.
ii. Climate History Network, Session 7: Historical Climate Reconstruction and Impacts of the Common Era; and Session 8: Volcanic eruptions: the thread connecting climate records, societal change and future climate projections?

PAGES working group meetings to be held in Zaragoza before, during or after the OSM

i. 2k Network general meeting: 11 May, 13:00-15:00
ii. Iso2k science team meeting: 14-15 May
iii. Floods Working Group annual meeting: 13 May, 13:00-15:00
iv. GPWG2 meeting: 12 May, 13:00-15:00
v. LandCover6k general workshop: 16-17 May
vi. QUIGS meeting: 10 May, 13:00-15:00
vii. VICS 2nd workshop: 9 May
viii. Extreme Events Integrative Activity: 10 May, 13:00-15:00

Field trips

To see the full list of available field trips after the OSM, go to:

Further information

All additional information, regarding accommodation, logistics and Zaragoza, can be found on the website:

Previous OSM events 

Previous host venues have been Goa (2013), London (1998), Beijing (2005) and Corvallis (2009).