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Workshop on land-use and land-cover change in Eastern Africa

Nairobi, Kenya
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Rob Marchant
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A two-day workshop on land-use and land-cover change in Eastern Africa, organized by the LandCover6k WG's African subgroup, will be held from 22-23 October 2015 in Nairobi, Kenya.


Brattish Institute in Eastern Africa and the National Museums of Kenya.


This  LandCover6k workshop will focus on the mapping in time and space of subsistence and land use throughout East Africa from 6000 years BP.


The goal of this workshop is to assemble a group of experts in the fields of archaeology, archaeobotany, linguistics, and palaeoenvironmental studies in East Africa in order to synthesis information on East African Landcover change over the past 6000 years. Through an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, we will be able to improve the confidence of our understanding of environmental history and interaction with the distribution of various cultures, technologies, and subsistence strategies in time and space across the East African region. The workshop will lead to a series of land cover maps for Eastern Africa promote international and interdisciplinary communication on the subject of East African land cover change.

This workshop seeks to address the following questions:

What were the dominate land cover changes present in East Africa during the study period?

How can these be best located in time and space?

What are the data gaps in the archaeological, archaeobotanical, linguistic and palaeoenvironmental records?

Where these drive by natural or human agency?

What questions about human-environment interaction in East Africa can modelling help to address?

Registering and support

Register by contacting Rob Marchant: (robert[dot]marchant[at]york[dot]ac[dot]uk)

The deadline for requesting support is 30 September 2015.


Rob Marchant (University of York) and Stephen Rucina (National Museums of Kenya)

Contact Rob Marchant ( (robert[dot]marchant[at]york[dot]ac[dot]uk)) for further information.