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XIX INQUA Congress: Quaternary Perspectives on Climate Change, Natural Hazards and Civilization

Nagoya, 23, Japan
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Once every four years, quaternary researchers from all over the world meet at the INQUA Congress to exchange the latest research results and develop agendas for the years to come. In 2015, the Congress will take place in Nagoya, Japan. The Nagoya Congress Center (NCC), the venue, is the largest conference facility in central Japan. Nagoya locates between Tokyo and Osaka, connected to both cities by super-express trains (Shinkansen) departing every ten minutes. Kyoto and Nara, old capitals, Lake Biwa, and the Japan Alps locate within easy access of Nagoya.

The Congress programme will address the themes of the Commissions during 6 days of oral and poster sessions, plenary presentations, and side meetings. The scientific programme will be garnished with social events at scenic spots, and of course, in the tradition of INQUA Congresses, with attractive field trips before, during, and after the Congress week.

INQUA submissions extended

Poster submissions are being accepted April 20 to May 11. More information available on the website:

PAGES-related sessions

Sea Ice Proxies Working Group (SIP)

Sea Ice in the Quaternary: Proxies, processes, and dynamics (P25)

Convened by: Eric Wolff, Rainer Gersonde, Hugues Goosse, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz and Anne de Vernal


PALSEA2 Working Group

Sea-level and cryospheric changes in the last 2000 years (CMP C01)

Convened by: Antony Long, Yongqiang Zong, Roland Gehrels

Reconstruction and interpretation of pale sea level records (CMP C04)

Convened by: Yusuke Yokoyama, Gilbert Camoin, Jody M. Webster, Glenn A. Milne

Ice-sheet variability in Quaternary warm climates: geologic records and model simulations (CMP C08)

Convened by: Anders E. Carlson, Alan C. Mix, Tina van De Flierdt, Nicolaj K. Larsen, Jeremy S. Hoffman

Temporal changes in sea-level: from minutes to millennia (CMP C13)

Convened by: Benjamin Horton, Simon Engelhart, Andrew Kemp, Adam Switzer

Varves Working Group (VWG)

Natural and man-made environmental perturbations recorded in sediment archives with high resolution (P34)

Convened by: Antti E.K. Ojala, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Pierre Francus, Mitsuru Okuno, Arndt Schimmelmann, Kazuyoshi Yamada, Yoshinori Yasuda, and Bernd Zolitschka


Global Paleofire Working Group (GPWG)

From ecosystems to biomes to the Earth system: using paleodata and models to understand the interactions between fire, people, vegetation and climate (H02)

Convened by: Boris Vannière, Jennifer Marlon, Mitchell Power, Anne-Laure Daniau

C-PEAT Working Group

Peat deposits during the Quaternary: their role in the global carbon cycle and as

palaeoenvironmental archives (P31)

Convened by: Zicheng Yu, Dan Charman, David Beilman


Informal group meeting: 13:20-14:00 on Wednesday 29 July in Room 432

Past Interglacials Working Group

Understanding interglacial climate (P04)

Convened by: Qiuzhen Yin, Marie-France Loutre, Jerry F. McManus, Bette L. Otto-Bliesner

LandCover6k Working Group

The LandCover6k WG will meet in collaboration with the two INQUA commissions HAB COMM and PAL COMM on Tuesday 28th July, at Lunchtime. Venue: Room number 231.

Responsible organizer: Ralph Fyfe ( (ralph[dot]fyfe[at]plymouth[dot]ac[dot]uk)). Contact him for further information.

Also: Kathleen Morrison and Nicki Whitehouse are organizing.