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2021 ICYS international ice-core seminar series

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Ice Core Young Scientists (ICYS) is pleased to announce a new international ice-core seminar series, with the support of the International Partnership in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS).


ICYS will hold monthly seminars with two talks – one from a senior researcher, followed by an early-career researcher (ECR) in a similar research theme. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Organizers hope that this will be a good way to bring together international ice-core-related research.

The series aims to provide much needed scientific interactions between researchers at all stages in their careers, especially given the cancellation of in-person conferences at this time.

Today's program - 19 August from 21:00-22:00 UTC

The first seminar involves:

Holly Winton (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) - "Linking Southern Ocean aerosol observations to ice core chemistry"

The second seminar involves:

Simon Alexander (Australian Antarctic Division, Australia) "Regional variations in precipitation and aerosols at high southern latitudes".

ECR: Danielle Udy  (University of Tasmania, Australia)  "Synoptic weather patterns in the Southern Indian Ocean, and implications for ice core interpretation".

How to join

To receive the Zoom link for the seminar, email: (icecoreys[at]gmail[dot]com), with the subject line "Seminar".

The link will be emailed out to you ~24 hrs before the seminar.

Interested in presenting?

Anyone who is keen to give a presentation of their work should contact the organizers:

Watch the recordings

Watch the three presentations on the ICYS seminar page