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16th ICYS international ice-core seminar series

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Ice Core Young Scientists (ICYS) is pleased to announce a new international ice-core seminar series, with the support of the International Partnership in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS).


ICYS holds monthly seminars with two talks – one from a senior researcher, followed by an early-career researcher (ECR) in a similar research theme. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Organizers hope that this will be a good way to bring together international ice-core-related research.

The series aims to provide much needed scientific interactions between researchers at all stages in their careers, especially given the cancellation of in-person conferences at this time.

Today's program - 19 May at 14:00 UTC

1) Margit Schwikowski, PSI: "Environmental changes from glacier ice cores and the ICE MEMORY initiative”

2) Carla Huber, PSI:  “Recent accelerated melting endangers high-mountain glacier archives"

How to join

To receive the Zoom link for the seminar, email: (icecoreys[at]gmail[dot]com), with the subject line "Seminar".

The link will be emailed out to you ~24 hrs before the seminar.

Interested in presenting?

Anyone who is keen to give a presentation of their work should contact the organizers: (icecoreys[at]gmail[dot]com)

Watch the recordings

> Watch the past presentations on the ICYS seminar page