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Holocene land-cover change in Eastern Asia for climate modeling

Shijiazhuang Shi, HE, China
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Marie-José Gaillard
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This a workshop of the the PAGES HITE Working Group and Theme Land Use and Cover (Focus 4).

The goal of the workshop on Holocene land-cover change in Eastern Asia for evaluating feedbacks between climate and land cover/land use is to initiate the necessary collaborations and activities to make past land-cover reconstructions possible.

The major objectives are:

- gather together palaeoecologists from China, India, Japan, Korea, Eastern Russia and Mongolia to introduce the aims of Focus 4 Theme LULC (M.-J. Gaillard) and the pollen-vegetation modelling methods using pollen data (S. Sugita) or other approaches (HYDE, K. Klein-G: KK10, J. Kaplan)

- work out a plan to estimate pollen productivity estimates for the major taxa of Eastern Asia

- update the community on existing pollen databases and initiate an Eastern Asian pollen database (the Japanese pollen database is already connected to NEOTOMA. There is a need to get pollen data from other parts of Asia in NEOTOMA)

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