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PAGES Magazine articles

Liu Z, Otto-Bliesner BL, Clark PU, Lynch-Stieglitz J & Russell JM (2021) SynTRACE-21: Synthesis of Transient Climate Evolution of the last 21,000 years, Past Global Changes Magazine, 29(1), 13-15 (link)
James M. Russell, B. Otto-Bliesner and Z. Liu (2014) SynTraCE-21 Workshop, Past Global Changes Magazine, 22(1), 55 (link)
Zhengyu Liu, B. Otto-Bliesner and P. Clark (2011) Synthesis of transient climate evolution of the last 21 ka (SynTRaCE-21) workshop, PAGES news, 19(2), 79-80 (link)

Journal articles

Clark PU, Shakun JD, Baker PA, Bartlein PJ, Brewer S, Brook E, Carlson AE, Cheng H, Kaufman DS, Liu Z, Marchitto TM, Mix AC, Morrill C, Otto-Bliesner BL, Pahnke K, Russell JM, Whitlock C, Adkins JF, Blois JL, Clark J, Colman SM, Curry WB, Flower BP, He F, Johnson TC, Lynch-Stieglitz J, Markgraf V, McManus J, Mitrovica JX, Moreno PI & Williams JW (2012) Global Climate Evolution During the Last Deglaciation, PNAS, 19, E1134-E1142 (link)