The Past: A Compass for Future Earth – PAGES Young Scientists Meeting 2013

Eds: Chen G, Daniau A-L, de Porras ME, Elmore A, Mills K, Saraswat R, Phipps S, Reyes A, & Kiefer T

Climate of the Past: Special Issue, 2014

This special issue provides a cross-section of the research presented at the 2nd Young Scientists Meeting of the Past Global Changes (PAGES) project, held on 11–12 February 2013 in Goa, India. All first authors are early-career researchers who have attended the meeting. Thematically the papers lie within the scientific scope of PAGES, i.e. they address the processes of past climatic and environmental change, as well as the methodologies required to study them.

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> Uncertainties in the modelled CO2 threshold for Antarctic glaciation [p.451]
Gasson E, Lunt DJ, DeConto R, Goldner A, Heinemann M, Huber M, LeGrande AN, Pollard D, Sagoo N, Siddall M, Winguth A & Valdes PJ

> Investigating vegetation–climate feedbacks during the early Eocene [p.419]
Loptson CA, Lunt DJ & Francis JE

> Similarity estimators for irregular and age-uncertain time series [p.107]
Rehfeld K & Kurths J

> Sediment transport processes across the Tibetan Plateau inferred from robust grain-size end members in lake sediments [p.91]
Dietze E, Maussion F, Ahlborn M, Diekmann B, Hartmann K, Henkel K, Kasper T, Lockot G, Opitz S & Haberzettl T

> Expressions of climate perturbations in western Ugandan crater lake sediment records during the last 1000 years [p.1581]
Mills K, Ryves DB, Anderson NJ, Bryant CL & Tyler JJ

> Testing long-term summer temperature reconstruction based on maximum density chronologies obtained by reanalysis of tree-ring data sets from northernmost Sweden and Finland [p.1473]
Matskovsky VV & Helama S

> Treeline dynamics with climate change at the central Nepal Himalaya [p.1277]
Gaire NP, Koirala M, Bhuju DR & Borgaonkar HP

> Reexamining the barrier effect of the Tibetan Plateau on the South Asian summer monsoon [p.1269]
Chen G-S, Liu Z & Kutzbach JE

> Seasonal changes in glacial polynya activity inferred from Weddell Sea varves [p.1239]
Sprenk D, Weber ME, Kuhn G, Wennrich V, Hartmann T & Seelos K

> Environmental and climatic changes in central Chilean Patagonia since the Late Glacial (Mallín El Embudo, 44° S) [p.1063]
de Porras ME, Maldonado A, Quintana FA, Martel-Cea A, Reyes O & Méndez C

> Orbital- and millennial-scale environmental changes between 64 and 20 ka BP recorded in Black Sea sediments [p.939]
Shumilovskikh LS, Fleitmann D, Nowaczyk NR, Behling H, Marret F, Wegwerth A & Arz HW

> Blue intensity and density from northern Fennoscandian tree rings, exploring the potential to improve summer temperature reconstructions with earlywood information [p.877]
Björklund JA, Gunnarson BE, Seftigen K, Esper J, & Linderholm HW

> Late Glacial–Holocene climatic transition record at the Argentinian Andean piedmont between 33 and 34° S [p.863]
Mehl AE & Zárate MA

> Hydrographic changes in the Agulhas Recirculation Region during the late Quaternary [p.745]
Naik DK, Saraswat R, Khare N, Pandey AC, and Nigam R

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