Biomarker distributions in surface sediments from the Kara and Laptev seas (Arctic Ocean): indicators for organic-carbon sources and sea-ice coverage

Xiao X, Fahl K & Stein R

Eds: de Vernal A, Gersonde R, Goosse H, Seidenkrantz M-S & Wolff EW

Quaternary Science Reviews, vol. 79, 40-52, 2013

This article appears in the special issue "Sea Ice in the Paleoclimate System: the Challenge of Reconstructing Sea Ice from Proxies", which contains a set of papers addressing various sea ice proxies and their application to large scale sea ice reconstruction. It is a contribution by the Sea Ice Proxy (SIP) working group and is partly an outcome of a workshop held at GEOTOP in Montréal in March 2012.

Category: Special issue articles