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List of promoted PAGES products
Name Author Journal Year Image
4 glacial cycles recorded in the Vostok ice core
PowerPoint slides
Petit JR et al. 1999
420,000-year record of bipolar seesaw from the Iberian Margin
PowerPoint slides
Martrat B et al. 2007
A Global Paleoclimate Observing System
Articles & flyers
Alverson K, Bradley R, Briffa K, Cole J, Hughes M, Larocque I, Pedersen T, Thompson L & Tudhope S... Science 2001
A regional view of global climate change
Articles & flyers
Kaufman D, McKay N, Kiefer T & von Gunten L Global Change 2013
Annual records of tropical systems
PowerPoint slides
Dunbar R and Cole J eds. 1999
Antarctic ice core records: Vostok and EPICA CO2, CH4, and delta D ice
PowerPoint slides
Petit et al.; Siegenthaler et al.; Spahni et al. & EPICA community members... 2005
ARTS: Annual Records of Tropical Systems
Articles & flyers
Cole J CLIVAR Exchanges 1997
Asynchrony of Antarctic and Greenland climate
PowerPoint slides
Blunier et al. 1998
Atmospheric CO2 concentration: Last Glacial Maximum to present
PowerPoint slides
University of Bern Physics Institute 2002
Back to the Future
Articles & flyers
Witton L Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 2004
Brief PAGES profile
Articles & flyers
SOLAS news 2006
Century scale changes in hydrological balance in Africa
PowerPoint slides
Gasse and van Campo 1994
Cienca e implementacion de los programas PANASH - (Paleoclimas de los Hemispheros Norte y Sur) - Transecta de las Américas: PEP I
Science plans
Climate change during the last glacial cycle
PowerPoint slides
Sirocko et al. 2005
Climate change during the last glacial inception
PowerPoint slides
Sirocko et al. 2005
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