17 (2): Understanding sea level: Ways forward from the past

Eds: Siddall M, Thompson WG, Waelbroeck C & Newman L

PAGES news, vol. 17(2), 49-88, 2009


This special edition of PAGES news led by the PALSEA (PALeo SEA level) Working Group covers recent advances in the field of paleo sea level and ice sheet reconstruction. The focus is on the application of this data to a better understanding of contemporary and future sea level and ice sheet change, as well as directions for future research.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> Inside PAGES [p.50]


> Past ice sheet dynamics and sea level—placing the future in context [p.51-52]
M. Siddall, W.G. Thompson and C. Waelbroeck

Science Highlights

> Recent Antarctic and Greenland ice-mass fluxes from satellite observations and their significance [p.52-54]
J. Bamber

> U-series dating of fossil coral reefs: Consensus and controversy [p.54-56]
M.B. Andersen, C.D. Gallup, D. Scholz, C.H. Stirling and W.G. Thompson

> Using models to inform the field community: Far-field sea level data applications [p.56-57]
G.A. Milne

> PLIOMAX: Pliocene maximum sea level project [p.58-59]
M.E. Raymo, P. Hearty, R. De Conto, M. O’Leary, H.J. Dowswset, M.M. Robinson and J.X. Mitrovica

> The dimensions of the Greenland Ice Sheet since the Last Glacial Maximum [p.60-61]
M.A. Kelly and A.J. Long

> Extending the uranium-series dating of fossil coral reefs back to marine isotope stage 15 [p.62-64]
C.H. Stirling and M.B. Andersen

> Ice sheet retreat and sea level rise during the last deglaciation [p.64-66]
P.U. Clark

> A new chronology of sea level highstands for the penultimate interglacial [p.66-68]
A. Dutton, F. Antonioli and E. Bard

> Tempo of global deglaciation during the early Holocene: A sea level perspective [p.68-70]
S.-Y. Yu, Y.-X. Li and T.E. Törnqvistst

> Coastal vegetation evidence for sea level changes associated with Heinrich Events [p.70-72]
C. González and L.M. Dupont

> Ice sheet-climate interactions during the ice age cycle [p.73-74]
A. Abe-Ouchi and B. Otto-Bliesner

Science Highlights

> Termination of the Medieval Warm Period: Linking sub-polar and tropical N Atlantic circulation changes to ENSO [p.76-77]
A. Kuijpers, B.A. Malmgren and M.-S. Seidenkrantz

> Reading the first early Cenozoic central Arctic sediment record: A palynological view [p.78-80]
F. Sangiorgi, A. Sluijs, J. Barke and H. Brinkhuis

> Potential imprint of changes in multidecadal climate variability on temperature reconstructions of the past millennium [p.80-81]
M. Schulz and M. Prange

Program News

> ADOM - Atmospheric circulation dynamics during the last glacial cycle: Observations and modeling [p.75]

Workshop Reports

> Global monsoon in observations, simulations and geological records [p.82-83]
> First international cave monitoring field workshop [p.83-84]
> Integrated analysis of interglacial climate dynamics - INTERDYNAMIC Status Seminar [p.84-85]
> Compiling records of Holocene erosion and sediment transport [p.85]
> Sustainable water and land management in semi-arid regions: Middle East and North Africa (MENA) [p.86-87]


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