15 (2): Past Climate Dynamics: A Southern Perspective

Eds: Kershaw P, Chappellaz J, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 15(2), 1-36, 2007


This newsletter issue focuses on some science highlights and news articles, which are predominantly linked with Southern hemisphere projects, and covers all major southern landmasses and the Southern Ocean.

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> Developments in southern hemisphere paleoclimate research [p.2]
P. Kershaw and J. Chappellaz

Science Highlights

> Extending the Americas paleoclimate transect through the Antarctic Peninsula to the Pole [p.6-7]
D. Hodgson, E. Wolff, R. Mulvaney and C. Allen

> The Lake Malawi Scientific Drilling Project [p.7-8]
C. A. Scholz

> Recent advances in understanding Antarctic climate evolution [p.9-11]
M. J. Siegert, P. Barrett, R. DeConto, R. Dunbar, C. Ó Cofaigh, S. Passchier and T. Naish

> Antarctic ice cores [p.11-12]
E. Wolff and E. Brook

> Late Quaternary Antarctic sea-ice history: Evidence from deep-sea sediment records [p.13-14]
X. Crosta

> Long records of climate in southern Australasia [p.15-16]
T. T. Barrows and P. De Decker

> Dynamic Antarctic Ice: Agent for Mid-Pleistocene Transition [p.16-18]
J. M. Bowler and M. Sandiford

> NZ-Maars: Extracting high resolution paleoclimate records from maar crater lakes, Auckland, New Zealand [p.18-20]
P. Augustinus

> Five centuries of ENSO history recorded in Agathis australis (kauri) tree rings [p.20-21]
A. Fowler and G. Boswijkjk

> Linkages between southern hemisphere westerlies and hydrological changes in semi-arid Patagonia during the last 16,000 years [p.22-23]
T. Haberzettl, C. Mayr, M. Wille and B. Zolitschka

> Tree-ring evidence for tropical-extratropical influences on climate variability along the Andes in South America [p.23-25]
R. Villalba

> Late Quaternary dune development along the western margin of South Africa and its relationship to paleoclimatic changes inferred from the marine record [p.26-27]
B. Chase, D.S.G. Thomas, M.D. Bateman and M.E. Meadows

Open Science Highlights

> Rapid 20th-century increase in coastal upwelling off northwest Africa revealed by high-resolution marine sediment cores [p.28-30]
H.V. McGregor and S. Mulitza

Program News

> Working Group on Arctic climate during the last two millennia [p.5]
> University of Bern’s new “Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research” [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> UK IGBP - Paleo and modern perspectives on global change: A personal summary [p.30-31]
> Paleo-databases: Their role in modeling, reconstructing paleoclimate and
understanding paleoenvironments [p.32]
> ESF-EuroClimate: Radiocarbon and ice-core chronologies during glacial and deglacial times [p.33]
> The Eastern African Quaternary Research Association (EAQUA) inaugural workshop [p.34]

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