21 (1): Investigating Past Interglacials: An Integrative Approach

Eds: Dahl-Jensen D, Capron E, Stone E, von Gunten L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 21(1), 1-44, 2013


Studying past interglacial climates provides unique insights on how natural climate changes interact with anthropogenic global warming. This PAGES newsletter highlights Past4Future project research, which aims at improving our understanding of the climate during the last two interglacials by combining paleoclimatic records with climate model simulations.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


 > Front Cover 
 > Inside PAGES [p.2]


 > Past4Future – learning from interglacials [p.2-3]
D. Dahl-Jensen, E. Capron and E. Stone

Past4Future: Behind the Scenes

 > Past4Future stakeholder survey [p.4]
H. Thing

 > Lifting the veil on speleothem sampling [p.5]
S. Verheyden and D. Genty

 > Drilling a deep ice core at the NEEM site in Greenland [p.6-7]
J.P. Steffensen

 > Sampling marine sediment [p.8-9]
R. Gersonde and M.-S. Seidenkrantz

 > Insights into paleoclimate modeling [p.10-11]
E. J. Stone, P. Bakker, S. Charbit, S.P. Ritz and V. Varma

Science Highlights

 > Using marine sediment archives to reconstruct past outlet glacier variability [p.12-13]
C.S. Andresen, F. Straneo, M.H. Ribergaard, A.A. Bjørk, A. Kuijpers and K.H. Kjær

 > Using data assimilation to estimate the consistency between climate proxies and climate model results [p.14-15]
A. Mairesse and H. Goosse

 > Increasing fire activity in a warming climate? Ice core record insights from the present and the last interglacials [p.16-17]
N. Kehrwald, P. Zennaro and C. Barbante

 > Antarctic interglacial climate variability and implications for changes in ice sheet topography [p.18-19]
V. Masson-Delmotte, E. Capron, H. Goosse, K. Pol, M. Siddall, L. Sime, S. Bradley and B. Stenni

 > Land biosphere dynamics during the present and the last interglacials [p.20-21]
T. Brücher and V. Brovkin

 > Reconstruction of the last interglacial period from the NEEM ice core [p.22-23]
D. Dahl-Jensen, P. Gogineni and J.W.C. White

 > Speleothem records over the last interglacial [p.24-25]
D. Genty, S. Verheyden and K. Wainer

 > Dating and synchronizing paleoclimatic records over the last interglacial [p.26-27]
E. Capron, A. Landais, P.C. Tzedakis, E. Bard, T. Blunier, D. Dahl-Jensen, T. Dokken, R. Gersonde, F. Parrenin, M. Schulz, B. Vinther and C. Waelbroeck

 > Sea surface temperature controls on warm climate water isotopes in Greenland ice cores [p.28-29]
L.C. Sime, V. Masson-Delmotte, C. Risi and J. Sjolte

 > Reconstruction of past sea ice extent [p.30-31]
R. Gersonde and A. de Vernal

 > A climate model inter-comparison of last interglacial peak warmth [p.32-33]
E. J. Stone, P. Bakker, S. Charbit, S.P. Ritz and V. Varma

 > Continuous in-field measurements of gas concentration from ice cores [p.34-35]
T. Blunier, J. Chappellaz and E. Brook

 > Sea level variations during the last interglacial [p.36-37]
M. Siddall, R.C.A. Hindmarsh, W.G. Thompson, A. Dutton, R.E. Kopp and E.J. Stone

Workshop Reports

 > Paleofire workshop [p.38]
 > Sea level changes into MIS 5: From observations to predictions [p.39]
 > Ice sheet climate interactions: Implications for coastal engineering [p.40]
 > Modes of variability in the climate system: Past-Present-Future [p.41]
 > The 4th PAGES past interglacials workshop [p.42]
 > Sea ice in the paleoclimate system [p.43]

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