19 (1): Medieval Climate Anomaly

Eds: Xoplaki E, Fleitmann D, Diaz H, von Gunten L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 19(1), 1-40, 2011


This newsletter issue compiles the latest information on climate and impacts during the Medieval Climate Anomaly (MCA) at global and regional scales.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


 > Front Cover
 > Inside PAGES/PAGES calendar [p.2-3]


 > Editorial: Medieval Climate Anomaly [p.4]
E. Xoplaki, D. Fleitmann and H.F. Diaz

Science Highlights

 > Solar activity – the past 1200 years [p.5-6]
F. Steinhilber and J. Beer

 > Medieval Climate Anomaly to Little Ice Age transition in current climate models [p.7-8]
F.J. González-Rouco, L. Fernández-Donado, C.C. Raible, D. Barriopedro , J. Luterbacher, J.H. Jungclaus, D. Swingedouw, J. Servonnat, E. Zorita, S. Wagner and C.M. Ammann

 > Evidence for global climate reorganization during medieval times [p.9-10]
N.E. Graham, C.M. Ammann, D. Fleitmann, K.M. Cobb and J. Luterbacher

 > Medieval hydroclimate revisited [p.10-12]
R. Seager and R. Burgman

 > The Medieval Climate Anomaly in Europe in simulations with data assimilation [p.12-13]
H. Goosse, J. Guiot, M.E. Mann, S. Dubinkina and Y. Sallaz-Damaz

 > European tree-ring data and the Medieval Climate Anomaly [p.14-15]
U. Büntgen and W. Tegel

 > Hydrological pattern in the Iberian Peninsula region [p.16-18]
A. Moreno, M. Morellón, C. Martín-Puertas, J. Frigola, M. Canals, I. Cacho, J.P. Corella, A. Pérez, Á. Belmonte, T. Vegas-Vilarrúbia, P. González-Sampériz and B.L. Valero-Garcés

 > Medieval drought in No. America: The role of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation [p.18-20]
R.J. Oglesby, S. Feng, Q. Hu and C. Rowe

 > Reconstructed and simulated Medieval Climate Anomaly in South America [p.20-21]
J. Luterbacher, R. Neukom, F.J. González-Rouco, L. Fernandez-Donado, C.C. Raible and E. Zorita

 > Blocking circulation anomalies in the Tasman Sea region [p.22-24]
A. Lorrey, I. Goodwin, J. Renwick and S. Browning

 > Climate during the Medieval Climate Anomaly in China [p.24-26]
Q. Ge and W. Wu

 > The Medieval Climate Anomaly in Greenland ice core data [p.27]
B.M. Vinther

 > The Medieval Climate Anomaly in the Middle East: Arabic documentary sources [p.28-29]
S. Vogt, R. Glaser, J. Luterbacher, D. Riemann, Gh. Al Dyab, J. Schoenbein and E. Garcia-Bustamante

 > Nile flood discharge during the Medieval Climate Anomaly [p.30-31]
F.A. Hassan

Workshop Reports

 > The Medieval Warm Period redux: where and when was it warm? [p.32]
 > Active Tephra 2010: International field conference on tephrochronology [p.33]
 > Paleochronology building workshop [p.34]
 > Paleo-ocean acidification and carbon cycle perturbation events [p.35]
 > Lakes, rivers and floodplains: evolving relations [p.36]
 > Holocene climate variability at high-southern latitudes (HOLOCLIP) [p.37]
 > The first Asia2k regional workshop [p.38]
 > South American climatology and quantitative climate reconstructions [p.39]


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