18 (1): Peatlands: Paleoenvironments and carbon dynamics

Eds: Jackson ST, Charman D, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 18(1), 1-52, 2010


This newsletter issue provides an overview of the state-of-art in peatlands research. It also includes a number of openly submitted scientific articles, provides information on recently held PAGES meetings and upcoming events, and includes a taste of the proceedings from the PAGES YSM.

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> Editorial: Peatlands - Paleoenvironments and carbon dynamics [p.3-4]
S.T. Jackson and D. Charman

Science Highlights

> Peatland archives of late-Holocene climate change in northern Europe [p.4-6]
F.M. Chambers, J.R.G. Daniell and ACCROTELM Members

> Using peatland archives to test paleoclimate hypotheses [p.6-8]
R.K. Booth, S.T. Jackson and M. Notaro

> Peatlands as a model system for exploring and reconciling Quaternary chronologies [p.9-10]
M. Blaauw, J.A. Christen and D. Mauquoy

> Peatland records of solar activity [p.11-12]
B. van Geel and D. Mauquoy

> A multi-proxy high-resolution approach to reconstructing past environmental change from an Alpine peat archive [p.13-15]
M. Lamentowicz, W.O. van der Knaap, J.F.N. van Leeuwen, S. Hangartner, E.A.D. Mitchell, T. Goslar, W. Tinner and C. Kamenik

> Stable isotopes and organic geochemistry in peat: Tools to investigate past hydrology, temperature and biogeochemistry [p.15-18]
E.L. McClymont, E. Pendall and J. Nichols

> Peat cellulose isotopes as indicators of Asian monsoon variability [p.18-20]
B. Hong, M. Uchida, X.T. Leng and Y.T. Hong

> Peat as an archive of atmospheric pollution and environmental change: a case study of lead in Europe [p.20-22]
F. De Vleeschouwer, G. Le Roux and W. Shotyk

> The northern peatland carbon pool and the Holocene carbon cycle [p.22-24]
D.W. Beilman, G.M. MacDonald and Z. Yu

> Past and present carbon accumulation and loss in Southeast Asian peatlands [p.25-27]
S. Page, R. Wüst and C. Banks

> Inception, history and development of peatlands in the Amazon Basin [p.27-29]
O. Lähteenoja and K.H. Roucoux

> Peatland exchanges of CO2 and CH4: The importance of presence or absence of permafrost [p.29-31]
T.R. Christensen, M. Mastepanov, M. Johansson and D. Charman

Science Highlights: Open Section

> El Niño/Southern Oscillation and changes in the zonal gradient of tropical Pacific sea surface temperature over the last 1.2 ka [p.32-34]
J.L. Conroy, J.T. Overpeck and J.E. Cole

> Modes of eastern equatorial Pacific thermocline variability: Implications for ENSO variability over the last glacial period [p.34-36]
G. Leduc, L. Vidal, O. Cartapanis and E. Bard

> Southern Hemisphere intermediate water formation and the bi-polar seesaw [p.36-38]
S.J.A. Jung, D. Kroon, G. Ganssen, F. Peeters and R. Ganeshram

Workshop Reports

> The 2nd PAGES past interglacials (PIGS) workshop [p.38-39]
> Understanding future sea level rise: The challenges of dating past interglacials [p.39-40]
> High- to mid-latitude northern atmospheric circulation changes [p.40-41]
> The West African Quaternary Research Association inaugural workshop [p.41-42]

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