17 (3): Advances in Paleolimnology

Eds: Pienitz R, Lotter A, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 17(3), 89-136, 2009


This issue focuses on advances in paleolimnology, with special emphasis on recent methodological developments and their significance for research in the PAGES context.

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> Eulogy: John "Jack" Eddy [p.90-91]


> Advances in Paleolimnology [p.92-93]
R. Pienitz & A.F. Lotter

Science Highlights

> The potential of high-resolution X-ray fluorescence core scanning: Applications in paleolimnology [p.93-95]
P. Francus, H. Lamb, T. Nakagawa, M. Marshall, E. Brown and Suigetsu 2006 Project Members

> The potential of varves in high-resolution paleolimnological studies [p.96-98]
A. Brauer, P. Dulski, C. Mangili, J. Mingram and J. Liu

> Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy: Rapid, quantitative analysis of biogeochemical properties of lake sediments [p.98-100]
P. Rosén, H. Vogel, L. Cunningham, N. Reuss, D. Conley and P. Persson

> Stable isotopes in chitinous fossils of aquatic invertebrates [p.100-102]
O. Heiri, M.J. Wooller, M. van Hardenbroek and Y.V. Wang

> Microbial membrane lipids in lake sediments as a paleothermometer [p.102-104]
J.W.H. Weijers, C.I. Blaga, J.P. Werne and J.S. Sinninghe Damsté

> Ancient DNA in lake sediment records [p.104-106]
M.J.L. Coolen and J.A.E. Gibson

> Tracking the effects of “aquatic osteoporosis” using paleolimnology [p.106-108]
A. Jeziorski, A.M. Paterson, N.D. Yan and J.P. Smol

> Calibration-in-time: Transforming biogeochemical lake sediment proxies into quantitative climate variables [p.108-110]
M. Grosjean, L. von Gunten, M. Trachsel and C. Kamenik

> Environmental and climatic changes inferred from lake deposits in China: A review of recent progress [p.110-112]
P. Rioual and L. Wang

> Paleolimnology of African lakes: Beyond the exploration phase [p.112-114]
D. Verschuren and J.M. Russell

> South American lake paleo-records across the Pampean Region [p.115-117]
F. García-Rodríguez, E. Piovano, L. del Puerto, H. Inda, S. Stutz, R. Bracco, D. Panario, F. Córdoba, F. Sylvestre and D. Ariztegui

> Results of recent sediment drilling activities in deep crater lakes [p.117-118]
R. Pienitz, M. Melles and B. Zolitschka

Open Science Highlights

> Younger Dryas Larix in eastern Siberia: A migrant or survivor? [p.122-123]
P. Tarasov, S. Müller, A. Andreev, K. Werner and B. Diekmann

Program News

> Paleolimnology and the restoration of aquatic systems [p.119-120]
> The PAGES/CLIVAR Intersection: Vision for the future [p.121]

Workshop Reports

> Holocene Climate Change in the Asian Region [p.124]
> East African Quaternary: Lessons from the past for the future [p.124-125]
> Data-assimilation techniques for paleoclimate data [p.125-126]
> Peatland archives of Holocene climate variability [p.127]
> Climate variability, forcings, feedbacks and responses: The long-term perspective [p.128]
> Mechanisms of Quaternary climate change: Stability of warm phases in the past and in the future [p.129-130]
> Towards a global synthesis of the climate of the last two millennia [p.130-131]
> Young scientists meet to exchange science, network and learn about PAGES [p.131-133]
> PAGES 3rd Open Science Meeting:Retrospective views on our planet's future [p.134]

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