17 (1): Change at the Poles: A Paleoscience Perspective

Eds: Brigham-Grette J, Powell R, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 17(1), 1-48, 2009


This issue serves to highlight the spectrum of ongoing studies contributing to international initiatives that are establishing new benchmarks in polar research. The papers represent a wide range of efforts, covering a variety of proxy records, using numerous types of field operations, laboratory techniques, and data analyses.

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> Change at the Poles - A Paleoscience Perspective [p.2]
J. Brigham-Grette and R. Powell

Science Highlights

> 2000 years of climate variability inferred from Arctic lake sediments [p.10-11]
D.S. Kaufman

> Holocene paleoclimate of the Canadian Arctic Islands: The ACVAST project [p.11-13]
K. Gajewski, M. Peros, S. Finkelstein and M. Fortin

> Stable isotopes in tree rings from the Russian Arctic— a proxy for winter precipitation? [p.14-15]
S. Holzkämper and P. Kuhry

> Arctic thermokarst lakes and the carbon cycle [p.16-18]
M. Edwards, K. Walter, G. Grosse, L. Plug, L. Slater and P. Valdes

> Initial results of HOTRAX address a wide range of Arctic paleoclimate issues [p.18-19]
D.A. Darby, L. Polyak and M. Jakobsson

> Lake El’gygytgyn’s emerging IPY record of Pliocene to recent Arctic change [p.19-21]
J. Brigham-Grette, M. Melles, P. Minyuk, C. Koeberl and Science Party

> Antarctic Paleobiology: Glacial refugia and constraints on past ice-sheet reconstructions [p.22-24]
L. Newman, P. Convey, J.A.E. Gibson and K. Linse

> Sea-ice proxies in Antarctic ice cores [p.24-26]
R. Röthlisberger and N. Abram

> Accurate chronology for Antarctic ice cores on orbital timescales [p.26-27]
K. Kawamura

> Antarctic Ice Sheet and climate history since the Last Glacial Maximum [p.28-29]
M.J. Bentley and D.A. Hodgson

> Change in the Southern Ocean: Responding to Antarctica [p.30-32]
L. Carter and G. Cortese

> New records of the role of Antarctic ice sheets in late Cenozoic climate [p.32-34]
R. Powell, T. Naish, R. Levy and the MIS Science Team

Open Science Highlights

> User-friendly data portal provides access to a transient paleoclimate simulation covering the last 21 kyr [p.4-5]
O. Timm, A. Timmermann and S.H. DeCarlo

> High- to low-latitude teleconnections during glacial terminations associated with ENSO-like variability [p.5-7]
L.D. Pena and I. Cacho

> Accurate dating of Gallipoli Terrace (Ionian Sea) sediments: Historical eruptions and climate records [p.8-9]
G. Vivaldo, C. Taricco, S. Alessio and M. Ghil 

Workshop Reports

> Cenozoic bi-polar connections over millennia [p.35]
> Recent change in the climate and atmospheric chemistry over Antarctica [p.36]
> Ninth International Conference on Permafrost [p.37-38]
> What causes glacial-interglacial cycles? [p.39-40]
> CLIVAR-PAGES-WCRP summer school on El Niño [p.40]
> PAGES Focus 4: Past Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions (PHAROS) Workshop [p.41]
> PMIP2 Workshop [p.42-43]
> Oxygen isotopes as tracers of Mediterranean climate variability: Linking past, present and future [p.43-44]
> Past climate variability in the Altai [p.44-45]
> Climate extremes during recent millennia and their impact on Mediterranean societies [p.45-46]


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