12 (3): Tephra

Eds: Hall V, Alloway B, Kull C & Christen L

PAGES news, vol. 12(3), 1-20, 2004


The papers presented in this special issue of PAGES news report recent tephrochronological research from places separated by great distances.The result of these new studies has been to develop new methodologies capable of coaxing extremely small amounts from the most obdurate deposits, so that time frames and site-linkage techniques for past environmental studies have improved greatly in precision.

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> Tephra [p.2]
V.A. Hall and B.V. Alloway

Science Highlights

> Role of Tephra in Dating Polynesian Settlement and Impact, New Zealand [p.5-7]
D.J. Lowe and R.M. Newnham

> Onshore-Offshore Correlation of Pleistocene Rhyolitic Eruptions from New Zealand: Implications for TVZ Eruptive History and Paleoenvironmental Construction [p.7-9]
B.V. Alloway, B.J. Pillans, L. Carter, T.R. Naish, and J.A. Westgate

> Tracing Volcanic Events in the Greenland Ice Cores [p.10-11]
S.M. Davies, A.K. Mortensen, M.G.L. Baillie, H.B. Clausen, K. Grönvold, V.A. Hall, S.J. Johnsen, J.R. Pilcher, J.P. Steffensen and S. Wastegård

> Tephra Geochemistry Confirms the Caldera-forming Eruption of Aniakchak, not Santorini, at 1645 BC [p.12-14]
W.J. Eastwood, N.J.G. Pearce, J.A. Westgate, S.J. Preece and W.T. Perkins

> Last Glacial Sea-Levels Reconstructed by Buried Fluvial Terraces and Tephrochronology in a Pacific Coast Plain, Japan [p.14-15]
S. Kubo

> Developing Regional Tephrochronological Frameworks for Testing Hypotheses of Synchronous Climate Change [p.16-17]
C.S.M. Turney, S.M. Davies and B.V. Alloway

Workshop Reports

> Southern Hemisphere Climate Modes: ENSO and Indian Ocean Dipole [p.18]
> Holocene Climate Variability and Climate Forcing [p.18-19]

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