PAGES 3rd OSM 2009 videos of oral presentations

, 2009

Oral presentations and slides from PAGES Open Science Meeting held 8-11 July 2009 in Corvallis, USA.

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Welcome and Introduction - PAGES Science Plan

Thorsten Kiefer — PAGES Executive Director

Session 1: The Global Hydrological Cycle and Abrupt Changes (PAGES Focus 3)

Chair: Pinxian Wang — Tongji University, China

OVERVIEW TALK: Larry Peterson — University of Miami, USA
"Whither the water? Global patterns of hydrologic change during abrupt climate excursions of the late Quaternary"

Yongjin Wang — Nanjing Normal University, China
"Links between the East Asian monsoon and bi-polar climates during the last glacial period"

Luc Beaufort — CEREGE, CNRS-Aix-Marseille Universités, France
"Are the tropics already in the next glacial stage?"

Session 2: Reconstructing Climate Modes (PAGES Focus 2)

Chair: Heinz Wanner — University of Bern, Switzerland

OVERVIEW TALK: Axel Timmermann — University of Hawaii, USA
"ENSO: Our sturdy companion through time"

Kevin Anchukaitis — LDEO, Columbia University, USA
"Tree-ring reconstructions of Australasian monsoon climate variability"

Mathias Vuille — University at Albany, USA
"Modes of tropical and high-latitude climate variability and their past and present fingerprint in South America"

Jürg Luterbacher — University of Bern, Switzerland
"European climate dynamics over past centuries and multidecadal circulation-climate relationships"


Session 3: Chronology in Paleoscience (PAGES CCT 1)

Chair: Pierre Francus – University of Quebec, Canada

OVERVIEW TALK: Joseph Stoner — Oregon State University, USA
"Magnetic stratigraphy: Regional and global opportunities for synchronizing paleoclimate records"


HOT TOPIC 1: The Role of Paleoscience in IPCC

Chair: Bette Otto-Bliesner — NCAR, USA

Speaker: Jonathan Overpeck - University of Arizona, USA

Session 4:  Climate-Biogeochemistry Interactions (PAGES Focus 1)

Chair: Jérôme Chappellaz – LGGE, CNRS-UJF, France

OVERVIEW TALK: Fortunat Joos — University of Bern, Switzerland
"Climate and biogeochemical cycles of greenhouse gases: Lessons from the past"

Eric Galbraith — McGill University, Canada
"Replumbing the biological pump in global climate models"

Bärbel Hönisch — LDEO, Columbia University, USA
"Boron isotope perspective on the CO2 history beyond ice cores"

Todd Sowers — Pennsylvania State University, USA
"Climate/CH4 interactions on 10-10,000-year timescales"


Session 5: Land Cover, Water & Sediment: Regional & Global Synthesis (PAGES Focus 4)

Chair: Cathy Whitlock — Montana State University, USA

OVERVIEW TALK: David Montgomery — University of Washington, USA
"Dirt: The erosion of civilizations"

Jennifer Marlon — University of Oregon, USA
"Climate and human impacts on biomass burning during past millennia"

Eduardo Piovano — CIGES, Argentina
"Hydroclimate variability in southern South America since the Last Glacial Maximum"

Marie-José Gaillard — Kalmar University, Sweden
"Interactions between Holocene land-cover and climate change in Europe"


Session 6: Proxy Development, Calibration & Validation (PAGES CCT 2)

Chair: Ricardo Villalba — IANIGLA, Argentina

OVERVIEW TALK: Edward Cook — LDEO, Columbia University, USA
"Reconstructing climate over the past millennium: The need for replication, calibration and verification from a tree ring perspective"

Young Scientist Awardee Talk – PAGES Focus 2


HOT TOPIC 2: Past Ocean Acidification: Biogenic Impacts & Climate Feedbacks

Chair: Thorsten Kiefer — PAGES IPO, Switzerland

James Zachos — University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
"Carbon emissions and ocean acidification: A lesson from the past"

Ros Rickaby — University of Oxford, UK
"Perturbing phytoplankton: Calcifiers in a changing world"


Chair: Andreas Schmittner — Oregon State University, USA

Speaker: James Hansen — NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, USA

"Global warming time bomb: The path from science to action"


Session 7: Regional Climate Reconstructions: Filling the Gaps (PAGES Focus 2)

Chair: José Carriquiry — Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico

Carlos LeQuesne — Southern University of Chile, Chile
"Tree ring records of South America for paleoclimate reconstructions of the last millennium"

Robert Mulvaney — British Antarctic Survey, UK
"Synthesis of Antarctic climate over the past 40,000 years from ice cores"

José Carriquiry — Autonomous University of Baja California, Mexico
"Climatic reconstructions from the Eastern Tropical North Pacific off Mexico: Geochemical proxies in corals and from deep ocean basins"

Atte Korhola — University of Helsinki, Finland
"Climate changes in the European Arctic during the last 2k"

Caspar Ammann — National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
"The Paleoclimate Reconstruction (PR) Challenge"

Session 8: Past Perspectives on Modern Human-Environment Interactions (PAGES Focus 4)

Chair: John Dearing — University of Southampton, UK

Robert Marchant — University of York, UK
"Lessons from the past for sustainable development: A case study using the paleorecord from East Africa"

Shonil Bhagwat — University of Oxford, UK
"Questions of importance to the conservation of global biological diversity: Answers from the past"

Roland Hall — University of Waterloo, USA
"The importance of paleolimnological data for management of water
quality and quantity"

Sander van der Leeuw — Arizona State University, USA
"Pushing the envelope on climate impact studies with archeological data"

Session 9: Modeling (PAGES CCT 3)

Chair: Bette Otto-Bliesner — NCAR, USA

OVERVIEW TALK: Allegra LeGrande — NASA GISS/Columbia University, USA
"On understanding which climate signals are captured in water isotope   records"

HOT TOPIC 3: Transient vs. Rapid Change in the Sahara

Chair: Carrie Morrill — NOAA/NCDC Paleoclimatology, USA

Zhengyu Liu — University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
"How much do we know about vegetation feedback in North Africa?"

Carrie Morrill and Brahim Damnati — Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
"Past environmental changes during the Holocene in North Africa using lake records"


Session 10: Origin of Interglacial Climate Variability (PAGES Focus 3)

Chair: Michael Schulz — University of Bremen, Germany

OVERVIEW TALK: Jerry McManus —LDEO, Columbia University, USA
"Regional warmth and variability of interglacial climates"
Heinz Wanner — University of Bern, Switzerland
"Holocene climate change—facts and mysteries"

Matthias Prange — University of Bremen, Germany
"Modeling approaches to centennial- to millennial-scale Holocene climate variability in the North Atlantic region"

Amaelle Landais — LSCE, CNRS-CEA, France
"Millennial-scale climate variations during Marine Isotope Stage 5, as recorded in polar ice cores"

Session 11: Stability of Polar Ice Sheets & Sea Level (PAGES Focus 1)

Chair: Peter Clark — Oregon State University, USA

OVERVIEW TALK: Ian Joughin —University of Washington, USA
"Observations of ice sheet change"

David Pollard — Pennsylvania State University, USA
"Modeling Cenozoic variations of the Antarctic Ice Sheet"

Ayako Abe-Ouchi — University of Tokyo, Japan
"Sea level change at glacial terminations and implications for future projections"

Mark Siddall — University of Bristol, UK
"Scaling future sea-level change: Lessons from the termination"


HOT TOPIC 4: How Abruptly Can Sea Level Rise?

Chair: Eric Wolff – British Antarctic Survey, UK
Speaker: Richard Alley — Pennsylvania State University, USA


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