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This database contains publications, meeting products and outreach material emerging from PAGES activities.

It is a requirement that all products listed here acknowledge PAGES, a PAGES working goup or a meeting supported by PAGES.

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1 (1): PAGES news
PAGES Magazine issues
GNIP - Global Network for Isotopes in Precipitation
Workshop reports
Schotterer U & Oldfield F 1996
Press Releases
Press Releases
Great Aletsch Glacier (Swiss Alps) 1858 / 2001
Paired pictures
Holzhauser H & Häberli W 2004
White Paper: Annually-banded corals as climate proxies
Other meeting products
Cobb K, Cole J, Lough J & Tudhope S, PAGES/CLIVAR 2009
Using Multiple Archives to Understand Past and Present Climate
Journal articles
Dearing JA, Jones RT, Shen J, Yang X, Boyle JF, Foster GC, Crook DS & Elvin MJD... Journal of Paleolimnology 2007
Biomass Burning on the Rise Again
Blog Articles
Marlon J Global Paleofire website 2016
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