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Dr. Daniel Dixon

Research Assistant Professor
Climate Change Institute
University of Maine
5790 Bryand Global Sciences Center
04469-5790 Orono

  +1 207 581 1571

Expertise & Interests

Overview / specialty        I am currently compiling and interpreting the full suite of US ITASE ice cores from WAIS and EAIS. My current focus is on the major ions contained within the cores. I am also looking at trace-element and heavy metal concentrations.
PAGES interests        Antarctica2k



Dixon, D., P.A. Mayewski, S. Kaspari, K. Kreutz, G. Hamilton, K. Maasch, S.B. Sneed and M.J. Handley. in press. A 200-year sulfate record from sixteen Antarctic ice cores and associations with Southern Ocean sea ice extent. Ann. Glaciol, 41.

Dixon, D., P.A. Mayewski, S. Kaspari, S. Sneed and M. Handley. 2004. A 200-year sub-annual record of the primary sources of sulfate in West Antarctica. Ann. Glaciol., 39, 545-556.

Dixon, D. 2000. Surficial clay mineral assemblages. In Kenyon, N.H., M.K. Ivanov, A.M. Akhmetzhanov and G.G. Akhmanov, eds. Multidisciplinary study of geological processes on the North East Atlantic and Western Mediterranean margins. IOC Technical Series, 56, UNESCO, 2000, 42-75.