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Dr. Catalina Gonzalez

Catalina Gonzalez

Assistant Professor
Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas
Universidad de los Andes
Cra 1A No. 18A-10

  +57 (1) 3394949 *2776

Expertise & Interests

PAGES interests        2k Network, Global Paleofire, LandCover6k, PALSEA2, Future Earth, World Climate Research Programme, PAGES-endorsed projects
Topics        Biogeochemical processes, Carbon cycle, Climate dynamics, Extreme events, Fire, Human impacts & interactions, Interannual-decadal varaibility, Ocean dynamics, Sea level and coastal processes, Sustainability, Thresholds and abrupt changes, Water
Timescales        Anthropocene (last 100 years), Holocene, Last millennia, Last glacial cycle, Neogene, Pleistocene
Regions        Global, South America, World ocean
Archives        Boreholes, Fluvial deposits, Instrumental records, Lake sediments, Ocean sediments, Peat, Soil, Tree rings
Sector        Academia / Education, Research
Discipline        Geochemistry, (Paleo)climatology, (Paleo)ecology, (Paleo)oceanography, Palynology



Flantua et al. Climate variability in South America during the last 2000 years inferred from the Latin American Pollen Database: Synthesis and perspectives. Submitted to Climate of the Past.
Urrego, L.E., Correa-Metrio, A., González, C., Castaño, A.R., Yokoyama, Y., 2013. Contrasting responses of two Caribbean mangroves to sea-level rise in the Guajira Peninsula (Colombian Caribbean). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 370 (2013) 92–102.
González, C., Urrego, L.E., Martínez, J.I., Polanía, J., Yokoyama, Y., 2010. Mangrove dynamics in the southwestern Caribbean since the 'Little Ice Age': A history of human and natural disturbances. The Holocene, doi:10.1177/0959683610365941
González, C., and Dupont, L.M., 2009. Tropical salt marsh succession as sea-level indicator during Heinrich events. Quaternary Science Reviews 28: 939-946.
González, C., Dupont, L.M., Mertens, K., and Wefer, G., 2008. Reconstructing marine productivity of the Cariaco Basin during marine isotope stages 3 and 4 using organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts. Paleoceanography 23, doi:10.1029/2008PA001602.
González, C., Dupont, L.M., Behling, H., and Wefer, G., 2008. Neotropical vegetation response to rapid climate changes during the last glacial: palynological evidence from the Cariaco Basin. Quaternary Research 69: 217-230.
González, C., Urrego, L.E., and Martinez, J.I., 2006. Late Quaternary vegetation and climate change in the Panama Basin: palynological evidence from marine cores ODP 677B and TR 163. Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 234: 62-80.