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Prof. Gabriele Hegerl

School of GeoSciences
University of Edinburgh
West Mains Road
EH9 3JW Edinburgh

  +44 (0)131 6519092



Hegerl G. C., Hasselmann K., Cubasch U., Mitchell, J. F. B., Roeckner E., Voss, R. and Waszkewitz J. (1997): Multi-fingerprint detection and attribution analysis of greenhouse gas, greenhouse gas-plus-aerosol and solar forced climate change. Climate Dynamics, 13, 613-634.

Hegerl, G. C., F. Zwiers, S. Kharin and Peter Stott (2004): Detectability of anthropogenic changes in temperature and precipitation extremes. J. Climate, 17, 3683-3700.

Hegerl G. C., T. Crowley, W. T. Hyde and D. Frame (2006): Climate sensitivity constrained by temperature reconstructions of the last seven centuries, Nature, 440, doi:10.1038/nature04679.

Hegerl G. C., T. Crowley, M. Allen, W. T. Hyde, H. Pollack, J. Smerdon, E. Zorita (2007): Detection of human influence on a new 1500yr climate reconstruction, J. Climate, 20, 650-666.

Hegerl, G. C., F. W. Zwiers, P. Braconnot, N. P Gillett, Y. Luo, J. Marengo, N. Nicholls, J. E. Penner and P. A, Stott: Understanding and Attributing Climate Change. In: S. Solomon et al. (ed.) Climate Change 2007. The Fourth Scientific Assessment, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 663-745.