Post-meeting material

Special issue

Climate of the Past special issue featuring articles by early-career scientists who attended the YSM
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Articles in PAGES news (2013) vol. 21.2

> A brief report on the 2nd PAGES Young Scientists Meeting in Goa, India
R. Saraswat and B. Jensen

> The Art of Communicating Science: traps, tips and tasks for the modern-day scientist
H. Roop, G. Martínez-Méndez and K. Mills

> The Art of Reviewing: Holding up quality in the scientific quality control system
R. Panchang, A. Govin and C. Omuombo

> The Art of Data Sharing: key in future climate science
Aurora Elmore, F. Lehner and J. Franke

> Breakout Group A: What should the research questions and priorities in paleoscience be for the next 10 years?
S. Dee, F. Muschitiello

> Breakout Group B: Advocating the relevance of paleo- research to a funding agency or policy maker
I. Bouimetarhan, H-C. Steen-Larsen

> Breakout Group C: Challenges and solutions for enhanced paleoscience communication
H.Roop, E. Dietze

> Breakout Group D: Key educational ingredients to ensure the success of future paleoscientists
R. Panchang, J. Richey

Abstract book

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A collection of videos from the 2013 OSM and YSMs on YouTube.

3-minute YSM video montage.


View photos of the talks, posters, and social events: photo gallery.

The "Art of" Sessions:

Talks on topics relevant to early career researchers:

1. The Art of Sharing by David Anderson ... archival video ... presentation

2. The Art of Reviewing by Newton, Rousseau, Turney and Reyes ... archival video

3. The Art of Communicating Science by Gavin Schmidt ... presentation

Intro talk

Thorsten Kiefer, Executive Director of PAGES, discusses the organization's work, its future direction, and the evolution of the YSM here.

Prizewinning talks and poster presentations

Two talks and three posters received prizes at the YSM. Learn more about them here.

Summary of peer-feedback on posters and talks

A valuable powerpoint presentation summarizing the most common suggestions from the YSM2 peer-feedback exercise here.

Published reports

Kara Bogus, Ilham Bouimetarhan & Julie Richey, “Early-Career Scientists Discuss Research and Future Directions for the Paleoclimate Field” (2013) Eos, 94:26, 233.
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Thorsten Kiefer and Saadia Iqbal, "PAGES Young Scientists Meeting 2013 in India - Building Capacity for Asia-Pacific Scientists" (2013) APN Science Bulletin, 3:March 2013, 164-166.
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