2k Consortium database paper

2k temp hockey stick figClimate scientists will now be able to more accurately study the pattern and causes of global surface temperature changes than was previously possible, thanks to a large international team of scientists contributing to PAGES.

A new paper from PAGES 2k Consortium, titled "A global multiproxy database for temperature reconstructions of the Common Era", published today in Scientific Data, details the findings in version two of their database.

This subgroup of the larger PAGES 2k Network gathered data from 98 regional experts from 22 countries, for a total of 692 records from 648 locations that reflect temperature changes through various biological and physical processes.

The database details the most comprehensive collection of information on global temperature change over the past one to two thousand years and gathers information on past temperature based on evidence from a number of distinct sources including tree-ring measurements, glacier ice, speleothems, corals, sediments from lake and ocean bottoms, and historical documents.

Access the Scientific Data paper here and press release here.

Access PAGES' "Additional information" webpage, including FAQs, blog articles, images and other press releases, here.