Stocker to give Emiliani Lecture

StockerOne of PAGES' former co-directors, Thomas Stocker, will give the Cesare Emiliani Lecture at the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans in December 2017.

The Cesare Emiliani Lecture recognizes individuals who have made outstanding scientific contributions to our understanding of paleoclimatology and paleoceanography, and honors the memory of Cesare Emiliani, considered to be the founder of both.

"I am excited to be recognized by the Cesare Emiliani Lecture of the AGU is a great honor, particularly because the award is conferred by the colleagues and peers," said Stocker, who led PAGES from 1999-2004. "Cesare Emiliani, the namegiver of this lecture, reminds us about the many secrets that are still to be revealed by carefully reading the climate archives and combining them with clever model simulations.

"I will most likely talk about the bipolar seesaw, direct paleoceanographic tracer simulations, and modeling challenges from the most recent CO2 reconstructions from an Antarctic ice core."

This is the third year in a row a former PAGES co-chair has been given the honor.

In 2016Bette Otto-Bliesner (2006-2011) presented "Resolving Some Puzzles of Climate Evolution Since the Last Glacial Maximum: A Melding of Paleoclimate Modeling and Data" and in 2015Alan Mix (2010-2015) presented "Searching for tipping points in Pleistocene climate: Are they real? Are they portents for the future?".

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