PhD studentship, environmental archives & mountain critical zones, Toulouse, France

A PhD opportunity on environmental archives & mountain critical zones is being offered at the University of Toulouse, France.


Gaël Le Roux and François De Vleeschouwer seek an excellent candidate to pursue a PhD at EcoLab, Toulouse, France. The full position description is available on request.

This PhD focuses on two mountain ranges (Pyrenees, France and Sierra Nevada, USA) where wetlands are being investigated in mining and non-mining areas, in protected and non-protected national parks.


The objectives of the PhD are to:

- 1. combine available and new geochemical data on lake and peat cores to build PHTE inventories/transfers for the last 10kyrs. A focus will be given on the lag between peat and lake records in the same watersheds using Pb isotopes signatures,
- 2. focus on the Anthropocene and other periods of intense human activities (Medieval Period for Pyrenees, Gold Rush for Sierra Nevada) where human activities/short-term climate events intensified and where the chronology of PHTE can be assessed at higher resolution using single moss stems and other environmental archives,
- 3. determine main physico-chemical parameters that can influence PHTE risk in mountain aqueous environments.


The PhD attribution is pending a grant call where the subject has been ranked priority amongst other Earth Science topics. The candidate will have to go through an interview where a jury from the University of Toulouse will select the best candidate+subject combination.

While these grants are generally for French students, overseas students can also apply. An excellent candidate (ranked first or second of his or her class) would be well placed to receive a grant.

Travel expenses for the interview will be funded.

All candidates should contact Le Roux This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and De Vleeschouwer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email first, before 25 April 2017, in order to evaluate his/her dossier and allocate time to apply further online.