ADOM people

Steering Commitee

Denis-Didier Rousseau (Chair)
Ina Tegen (Co-Chair)
Hubertus Fischer
Pierre Francus
Zhengtang Guo
Sandy Harrison
Christine Hatté
Barbara Maher

Jerry McManus
Ute Merkel

Jan-Berend Stuut
Riuji Tada
Paul Vallelonga
Gisela Winckler

Associated Projects

QUEST-Dust – Quantifying Uncertainty in the Earth System Working Group on Dust

DIRTMAP – Dust Indicators and Records of Terrestrial and Marine Paleoenvironments

IGCP500 – Dryland Change: Past, Present, Future


If you want your project associated with the ADOM Working Group, please contact: 
Denis-Didier Rousseau