3rd LIMPACS Conference - Holocene lake records: patters, impacts, casues and societal importance of abrupt hydroclimatic changes

05.03 - 08.03.2009
Chandigarh, India
Workshop report: 
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The purpose of the conference is to recognize the long-term contribution of Holocene people in altering the climate and ecosystem of the time, and to identify exactly when human influence commenced and how it affected lake processes. Further critical questions include whether people were primarily responsible for the climate crises through this history, and, if not, how to distinguish the non-human contribution to abrupt climatic extremes of short duration
throughout the Holocene.

1. Variation in inception and duration of abrupt Holocene climatic events and “famines” from diverse precipitation/temperature regimes; Estimation of future “extreme” climatic pulses based on high resolution century to millennial scale palaeo-data.
2. Climatic events responsible for disappearance/migration of Holocene civilization (climate-human-ecosystem).
3. Salinization: Causes (tectonic, climatic and anthropogenic); Model of interaction among lake hydrological, limnological, ecological processes and human activities; Salinization and Global warming.

Special sessions on:
Rajasthan, Himalaya, China including Tibet, Inner Magnolia

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Abstract deadline: December 2008 (see information in 2nd circular)

Contact: Bahadur Kotlia