Influence of Indonesian Throughflow Variability on Tropical Indian Ocean

19.07 - 23.07.2006
Kiel, Germany
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The IMAGES/PAGES workshop: Influence of Indonesian Throughflow Variability on Tropical Indian Ocean will be held in Kiel, Germany from 19-23 July 2006.

This workshop aims to:
1) Review what is presently known about the oceanography and paleoceanography of the ITF and adjacent areas of the Pacific and Indian oceans (including land records, recent coring campaigns and climate models).
2) Define major scientific goals to be pursued to quantify the Pacific-Indian inter-ocean exchange through the ITF and assess what data sets are required to reconstruct ITF variability and regional climate over the last 1 Million years. Discuss how such data sets can best be generated.
3) Review the status of site survey data, especially 3.5 khz seismic data and existing seafloor sediment distribution maps and sample archives (i.e. from Snellius, Marion Dufresne and Sonne Expeditions) in order to determine what additional material will be needed obtain comprehensive regional sedimentary climate archives.
4) Identify targets for further IMAGES-type coring campaigns and IODP drilling to obtain high resolution climate and oceanographic archives along the ?warm water path? of the THC between the Indonesian Archipelago and the Agulhas region.

Contact person:
Wolfgang Kuhnt
Institut für Geowissenschaften
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel
Kiel, Germany

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