Tephra 2014 - Maximizing the potential of tephra for multidisciplinary science

03.08 - 07.08.2014  
Portland, USA

Call for workshop registration and abstracts

We are pleased to welcome applications to take part in the workshop “Tephra 2014 - Maximizing the potential of tephra for multidisciplinary science”, to be held on August 3-7 at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA. Applications and abstract submissions are due by April 15.

Meeting details

This 4-day workshop will discuss major developments, best practices, and future directions/needs in tephra studies from the perspectives of volcanology, tephrochronology, and Quaternary sciences. By bringing together a broad array of scientists who study tephra for different purposes, we also intend to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and data sharing.

Workshop registration will be limited to approximately 100 participants. We aim to include a broad representation of experienced scientists and students who work with tephra, who could benefit from tephra data, or who work in settings which may contain tephra. We specifically plan to include volcanologists, tephrochronologists, archaeologists, geochronologists, paleoclimatologists, paleoecologists, paleolimnologists, glaciologists, petrologists, tectonophysicists, Quaternary scientists, atmospheric scientists, data managers, and others. Early career scientists, post-doctoral researchers, and senior graduate students are also encouraged to apply.

Applications for financial support for the workshop (US NSF, PAGES, INQUA/INTAV) are pending. Should travel support become available, information will be posted on the meeting website. Members of CANQUA and QRA should contact their respective associations regarding potential travel support.

50 Questions Exercise

In conjunction with the meeting, we will be conducting a 50 questions, challenges, and opportunities exercise. To contribute, please join the meeting's VHub group: Wiki pages for this exercise will be available soon.

Tephra Data Working Group

We also plan to establish a tephra data working group to build upon the collaboration and data sharing components of the workshop. This working group will explore ways to increase the discoverability and accessibility of tephra data to enhance tephra research and interdisciplinary collaboration. To contribute to the tephra data effort, please join the related VHub group:


Conveners: Marcus Bursik, Steve Kuehn and Solene Pouget

On-site Host Committee: Michael Cummings, Scott Burns, and Martin Streck

Cooperating and sponsoring organizations include:
- University at Buffalo
- Concord University
- Portland State University
- VHub
- Cities and Volcanoes