3rd EGU Alexander von Humboldt Conference: East Asian Summer Monsoon, past, present and future

09.08 - 11.08.2007
Beijing, China
Workshop report: 
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The meeting aims at discussing (using modeling and proxy records) East Asian Summer Monsoon in aspects related to ocean, atmosphere, land surface, climate and biosphere, its human impacts and teleconnections worldwide. Both records of the past and present-day observations will be reviewed to better understand the mechanisms driving its behavior and so, to better predict it and its impacts.

This International Conference is the third in a series of Alexander von Humboldt Conferences initiated by EGU and related to geophysical topics of particular importance to South America and East Asia. PAGES is a co-sponsor of this meeting.

Meeting Programme:

Keynote speakers

Tung Sheng LIU : Loess and paleomonsoon in China, an historical overview
Bin WANG : Modeling present-day Asian monsoon, the large scale dynamics problem
Tetsuzo YASUNARI : Asian monsoon and the uplift of the Tibetan Plateau
Pinxian WANG : Paleo EASM and teleconnections
Steven CLEMENS : Variability of the East Asian monsoon at the orbital scale
Jean JOUZEL : Climate of the last 800000 years in ice cores
Sulochana GADGIL : The interannual variation of the Indian Monsoon
Pascale BRACONNOT : Modeling the response of the East Asian Monsoon
Tandong YAO: East Asian Monsoon in Tibetan continental glaciers.
Joel GUIOT: Paleoclimate data analysis

Launch of PAGES Global Monsoon Working Group

As a side-event of the conference, a new PAGES Focus 3 Working Group on "Global Monsoon"€ will be launched with a Townhall Meeting. If you are interested in contributing to this new PAGES Working Group, please contact the Focus 3 leader Pinxian Wang (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).